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Balance body, mind, heart and soul

Rediscover your own powers of healing and expression

Healios provides holistic mind-body integration therapies, including kinesiology and body-centered counselling to facilitate your journey towards integrated balance. Be empowered to recognise and express your potential.

I provide a safe, supportive and professional environment so you can speak freely and honestly. My approach is holistic and flexible, tailored specifically to suit you.

Whether your needs relate to balance, life-style, personal growth or goal achievement, I can help you create change.

Why talk to us?


I provide a safe, private and confidential environment for you to express yourself.

Women & Children

I work mainly with women & children so I can provide specific, tailored support.


I am trained and qualified by professional bodies, so you can feel confident.

I will help you to discover:

How to manage stress

Achieve balance and increased energy

How to find your purpose in life

Deepening self-awareness and meaning

How to be more confident

Build your self-belief and self-esteem

How to cope with change

Managing life's transitions with ease

How to build better relationships

Become more connected to others

How to communicate effectively

Be heard, be seen, be understood